Royalty Free Music is the perfect place to find royalty free music both for multimedia applications and for dance, pop and hip hop artists . We are a team of professional composers, musicians and producers and provide our own productions through our website.

Your advantages
1 – Professional background music for video and film, presentations, radio and television advertising
2 – Professional ultra modern and cool tracks for pop, dance, Dj productions and hip hop beats
3 – A Simple royalty free music license without hassle
4 – straight from the composer to you: no middlemen and thus the best price / quality
5 – No perfomance rights payments and administration – no cue sheets
6 – High quality music library with smooth and easy search function
7 – Different musical styles
8 – Immediate download of your order
9 – Payment by Paypal or Visa / Mastercard
10 – Possibility of adjustment and customization

What is royalty free music?

We want to explain here more in detail the above points. We have prospects all the time asking’ What is “royalty free music?”‘ and there is much confusion even on the internet about this topic.

  • If you bought a CD of a digital download you have the right to use it for your own private entertainment.
  • If you have a project aimed at the public, you have not the right to include this music.
  • In most cases you need a written permission from the copyright holder and have to pay performance fees.
  • This is where royalty fee music may come in play: when you order from a stock library the backing track comes with a license that allows you use the song without having to pay extra fees afterwards.

Most royalty free music is not free from performance rights payments

There is an even more important aspect that is often overlooked in the budget. If the publishing company of the composer (or the composer him/her-self) of the royalty free music is registered with a performance rights organisation the latter will invoice you on behalf of the publisher. You or your client have also the obligation to fill in cue sheets for your project. It is our experience that a load of clients have an allergy against the time consuming process of cue sheet administration.

On our website all music is really 200% royalty free !!

  • To offer you the most attractive deal we, as composers, are no members of any performance rights organisation.
  • There are no cue sheets to be filled in and no performance rights have to be paid on any single piece of music we offer on our website !
  • Every stock library track you find here is truly 200% royalty free music !
  • Besides that we offer the most complete license deal.
  • We have a one-formula-fits-it-all approach were every single client is treated as a VIP!
  • No downgraded standard license that restricts the number of copies, downloads, territorial zones, project size,…

If you are in the market for real royalty free music, with the easiest license and at a very affortabele price you must check out our stock music library !


We find it extemely important to provide our visitors and clients with detailed and to the point information on our service and music. Different terms are used by different users, some clients ask for stock music, library music, instrumental music or background music. The term we mainly use on our website is royalty free music which, in our case, is a term that covers all the previous terms.

  • For additional information that is frequently updated please visit our music blog where we try to cover many aspects of the music business, technical aspects like what is a music compressor and how it works, digital audio workstation and midi tutorials,..
  • If you are a vocalist that records his own voice, a voice-over for film or video, a film producer that needs a basic knowledge of audio processing, or a beginning artist that needs some specific info we are sure you’ll find information that is valuable to you.
  • Some pages are dedicated to royalty free music in particular.
  • Some information was written specifically by our hip hop beats production department ‘Beatz In Heat’, but the underlying principles of audio recording and mixing are universal, no matter what musical style you are working with.
  • A lot of attention goes of course to the usage rights on royalty free background music.
  • If you have any questions, just drop Mike an email. He will make sure you receive the right answer to your request !
  • Hip hop artists,  download our free beats and use them for your demos and mixtapes.

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