Guitar Background Music

The guitar is not only popular in royalty free music. There is hardly a musical genre to imagine where the guitar does not play an important role.  All kinds of rock music of course but even pop, funk, jazz are more often that not driven by guitars. The main exceptions are various forms of electronic dance music and most hip hop beats.

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Why use guitar background music?

  • The guitar is a great instrument to play and to use as a basis for background music.
  • A guitar player can easily express his or her feelings through the six (or twelf) snares of the instrument.
  • Since the invention of the electric guitar a huge range of tones and sounds are possible.
  • The guitar is perfectly able to evoke all human emotions.
  • An experienced guitar player chooses the effects and distortion levels carefully.
  • Heavy distorted guitars are used in the heaviest forms of rock music (thrash, speed, black metal,..)  to express feelings of aggression, frustration or pure energy.
  • The same guitar settings are used in pop and rock ballads, where the overdriven sound now reflects feelings of love or sadness.
  • This example shows the diversity of the instrument.  The guitar fits perfectly in a wide range of styles and the feelings expressed depend widely on the musical context the instrument is set in.

A wide range of guitar styles.

  • A big advantage of using guitar background music is that the instrument is widely known and appreciated by your viewers.
  • The background music won’t have the tendency to distract the viewer from  the action on the screen.
  • It is clear you should not go the extremes: atonal jazz music or hyperspeed trashcore metal may not suit all audiences.
  • With most pop, rock or funk background tracks you can’t go wrong.

For that reason guitar background music is a favorite of ours. We can use the guitar for lots of different styles and for all different emotions. As a video of film producer the possiblities are almost endless.

Our guitar background music.

We offer a range of guitar background music for free for you non-commercial projects and we have some excellent deals with a clear royalty free licence. If you need music for a specific project don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to work on your tailor made guitar background music.

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rechtenvrije muziek licentie