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By Mike Peters, professional music producer.

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Hiphop beatmaker software

Posted by on in Hip Hop Beats

I receive many questions on what hardware and software you should buy to be able to create your own hip hop beats. I will explain this more in detail here.

Hiphop beatmaker hardware

This is the easiest part: you don't need any specific hardware. Of course you'll need a computer, but any decent and recent computer will do the job. Long gone are the times when you had to go to a specialized computer shop for a custom build machine. Now all you need is a standard pc or mac. And some decent hiphop beat maker software

Hiphop beatmaker software

The choice in software may be overwhelming to you. There are some free programs around and you may have seen your favorite hiphop producer using expensive software like Protools in a $$$$ studio.

Before making your first professional beat you'll have to learn about sequencers, drum machines, synths, samplers, effects and mastering plugins and settings. Abd you'll need a decent set of royalty free samples. This is much to start with. For many aspiring hiphop beatmakers this is waaay to much. And they give us soon, looking with frustration at the Logic or Ableton program on the screen. They give up their hopes and dreams. But there is no need to if you follow my advice.

What software for a starting beatmaker?

I advise you to start with easier to use hiphop beatmaker software such as DUBturbo. These kind of programs have everything you need to start with right from the box. The samples, plugin presets and the intuitive layout offer a great starting point for beginning beat producers. You will learn while you go. The first day may be difficult, but you'll learn very fast how to tweak settings to your own personal taste and creativity.

It will only a few days before you finish your first beat! Your first creation will boost your creativity and motivation and in no time you'll find yourself making more beats. In a few months time you'll learn all the basics on samplers, sequencers, drum machines and synths. Put your beats online. Some interesting cooperations may emerge from it. You will develop your talent further and in maybe two years it will be time to take a then comfortable leap and move up to Logic, Ableton or maybe Pro Tools.

Beatmaking: just do it!

Before you can sit with the big boys you should learn everything you can about beat making. Not by reading hundreds of blogposts or articles. Not by sticking around on internet forums. But by actually doing it! Don't waste your time reading over and over again the same kind of information. Grab yourself a copy of an all in one hiphop beatmaker software suite like DUBturbo. You won't become a million dollar making hiphop producer overnight, but programs like these make a great first step in your career.

Have Fun!


Producer of Hiphop Beats


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