Instrumental or Vocal Background Music

Royalty Free Music comes in many flavors and styles. In these blog posts we try to help you with your decision what kind of music is right for you. Today we focus on an important decision:

Instrumental or vocal background music?

Music has become an integral part of our present life. Everywhere you go there is playing music.  In your car, at home, at work, in shops, in the subway, and often on the bus or tram. Background music is thus a daily part of our lives even though we do not always realize the music is there.

It is obvious that movie,  video or presentation is hard to imagine without a attractive backing track. A good piece of music may have a huge positive impact on your production.

You can reinforce feelings and create a certain atmosphere. That why royalty free background music was created.

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Instrumental music…

Obviously your music must be adapted to your audience and to the subject of your video, film or presentation. If you decide to use use background music then in most cases your choice will be instrumental music. There are a few good reasons.

  • In the first place, in a film, video or presentation you already have the voices of the actors or presentor.
  • When the background contains vocals this will inevitably lead to the main voices being less well understood. Even if the background music is set at a low volume.
  • It is also true that the human voice always attracts attention.
  • A voice that is mixed in a royalty free backing track seems to jump out of the track.
  • When we hear a voice in a backing track our focus may shift from the plot or the presentation towards the music. And that’s not exactly the purpose of background music.

Or vocal background music?

  • Vocal music can certainly be used but you have think about it carefully.
  • One way to use it is when the lyrics are relevant for your project.
  • Sparsely use vocals and make them prominent and forefronted when it fits the plot.

When we at Royaltyfreeze produce background music that constains some vocal elements we mix them in deep into the track. Technically this means we are going to add relatively high amounts of chorus, delays and reverb. The human brain interprets the effects as being a human voice that is futher away and thus it is less likely to grab the attention.

As a general conclusion one can say that you are much safer with instrumental background music. You can’t go wrong with that as long as the genre fits your public and it’s mixed in at a reasonable level.

Vocal backing music must be checked with care. You should question yourself if the vocals are interfering with the foreground vocals and if there don’t grab too much attention.

Hopefully this helps you in selecting the right music for your project. We have some other blogposts on background music so why not check out our free advise.

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rechtenvrije muziek licentie